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Lari from Clear Choice

I had the pleasure today of choosing what the office staff was going to have for lunch. I really wanted all of them to try this new place called “Sweet Dogs”. I myself had been there a few times and wanted to share with them what this hot dog joint had to offer. To no surprise everyone was pleased and satisfied with the presentation, taste and creativity that was put into making each and every dog. We must say here at Clear Choice hands down to an AMAZING way Sweet Dogs has made today’s dogs look and taste!

Edson from S. Miami

These arnet just “dogs” they are works of art. a dog from here will fill you up right as they come with unique toppings and great flavors that you just cant do at home. What makes this place classic, other than the great staff, is the all the fresh topping options. If you don’t like the suggested powerhouse combinations, you can stack up your own! Get a Florida Panthers dog its the champ!

Juanchita from Cocowalk

This place has everything, good food, great ice cream and awesome service. I go there after the heat games and celebrate with a heat dog! Go Heat!


I love to eat at Sweet Dogs. They are my kinda place. I always get the Florida Panther hotdog, I can support my team an feed my hunger for a juicy hotdog all in one place. Also, although its not included on the Panther sweet dog, you have to try their special home sauce! (It’s out of this world on a hot dog and gives it a certain “sabor latino” that defines Miami’s flavor.!)