The Sweet Dogs Story

Sweet Dogs is the vision of a successful entrepreneur Victor Ruiz. Victor’s love for the simplicity of an American hot dog was the start of Sweet Dogs. His dedication to serving “the best hot dog” and “the best service” available will make it worth your visit.

Sweet Dogs celebrates not only the goodness of a simple, delicious hot dog, but the ingredients and techniques used to create its house-made sauces and toppings. Its signature way of dressing up a hot dog is not common, it’s just good!

There’s nothing complicated about the American public’s love of the hot dog, and there isn’t anything complicated about Sweet Dogs success as Miami’s top hot dog restaurant. Since opening in 2012, Sweet Dogs has kept things simple: quality food, prepared to order, served hot and fast.

The Secret is in the Sauce

The foundation of it all, the cornerstone of Sweet Dogs fame, is the famous Sweet Dogs Home Sauce. One taste of this Original Sweet Dogs Home Sauce- a tender, juicy hot dog covered with smoked bacon, the garden, sweet peppers, onions, la choy noodles, and topped with its famous Sweet Dogs Home Sauce – and you’ll see that “the secret is in the sauce.”

Victor also has a passion for his home town sport teams and by combining the two, he has created his signature menu. Request “The U”, “The Dolphin” or maybe “The Heat”, you won’t be disappointed.

So, come and enjoy what we hope you will find to be the best Hot Dog in Miami. Bring the kids and ENJOY!